Patterson are known for the great Trio Golf Buggy. It was our original buggy and still a top seller today, more than twenty years later!

Over the years we have developed our range to include the Trio Original, the fabulous Eventer 4 (four wheel buggy), the Highlander range (a rugged version of both the Trio and Eventer) and the Trio Professional, specifically created for the commercial rental market.

All our buggys are made at our factory warehouse in Chertsey, Surrey 

Ordering Online

(As per front page)...When considering a Patterson buggy we insist on speaking to you directly. We don't just ship a buggy out... each one is produced to order from our Chertsey factory and it is important to make the right choice.
You may require a buggy for stowage in a particular car or terrain etc...

We have provided an online ordering process to help ease your purchase but please read here:

Please complete your order, adding any accessories you feel you may need. Proceed to checkout where an email will be sent directly to us and we will contact you by return to discuss and confirm your choice. We will give you an estimated timescale for your buggy (each buggy is made to order), and we will take a deposit or payment in full.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Completing this form does not constitute a contract of any kind and is for your convenience only. If you are unsure what you require please contact us by telephone on 01932 57 00 16 or email us here. Thank you.